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This cross was associated with the distribution of bread to the poor each Good Friday.A cross on this site was first referred to in 1441.It survived a siege during the winter of 1644-45 surprisingly well, considering the walls were not particularly thick or deeply founded.Earth banks gave it some protection, and the moat and a canal basin thwarted underground entry.The nursery rhyme, a favourite with children throughout the English-speaking world, was first seen in print in the year 1784, although it was known in its current form in at least 1760.The "Fyne" lady is generally thought to be a member of the Fiennes family, ancestors of Lord Saye and Sele who owns nearby Broughton Castle.Over the centuries the castle was extended and rebuilt.

The High Cross, otherwise known as the Market Cross, was situated in Cornhill, just off the Market Place.

Following a petition to the House of Commons in 1648 the castle was largely, but not completely, demolished and the reclaimed materials were used to repair other buildings damaged during the fighting.

A painting from the end of the 18th century shows two towers rising above houses to the north of Market Place but these days nothing can be seen of the castle.

Alexander, Bishop of Lincoln, built Banbury Castle in the year 1135AD.

The castle stood on the north side of the Market Place, the site now occupied largely by the Castle Quay shopping precinct.

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The White Cross lay on the western boundary line of the old town borough, at what is now the corner of West Bar Street and Beargarden Road.

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